The one in which I get compared to Terry Pratchett

Rather than a normal episode of Never Mind The Bar Charts, this time I’m running an episode of the excellent Not Enough Champagne podcast, including an improbable comparison between me and Terry Pratchett.

You might recall me mentioning Not Enough Champagne as one of my favourite podcasts. I like it so much despite – or rather because – it’s done by two Labour Party activists, Cory and Steve, and therefore gives a rather different take on the world from mine.

Different enough to be thought-provoking and a guard against insular thinking without being so different as to cause me to hit stop in disgust.

And the reason for picking this particular episode that they’ve kindly let me re-run here?

Well, in it they talk about my book, Bad News. See what some non-Lib Dems make of it and enjoy listening, including hearing – if you listen right to the end, their cracking theme tune by Dave Depper.

Hope you enjoy their show and do subscribe to their podcast too.

Feedback very welcome, and do share this podcast with others who you think may enjoy it.

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